Saturday, September 30, 2006

Show Me The Money

Okay everyone, it's time to put up or shut up! Today is the third quarter fundraising deadline for all campaigns. This is your last chance to make a difference and help Chris Murphy send Nancy Johnson into retirement. Please consider making a donation to the Murphy campaign today! $10, $25, $50....Whatever you can afford! Every dollar will make a difference. You've seen the Murphy campaign's great new ad hitting back at Nancy Johnson's absurd ad and making sure her lies don't go unanswered. Let's raise some money to make sure that ad stays on air! Remember what's at stake here...Two more years of unchecked authority for the Bush administration vs. New Democratic leadership. Let's do our part to make sure we have a Democratic House in November!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Murphy Ad

Today Chris Murphy released this new television ad that sets the record straight regarding Nancy Johnson's outrageous ads and her complete support for the failures in Iraq. The ad cites the National Intelligence Estimate, which was released yesterday and states that U.S. involvement in Iraq has made our country less safe. Did you hear that Nancy? Your rubber stamping of the Bush administration's reckless and incompetent policy in Iraq has resulted in an increase in terrorism.

Johnson must have already known that, however, as she was so scared of the public seeing the NIE's findings that she voted against debating it in the House on Tuesday. Seems like Nancy's got something to hide.

Chris Murphy commented on the NIE's findings and Johnson's attempted block of the information saying:
When Nancy Johnson had the opportunity to stand up and discuss this incredibly important national security report with her colleagues, she voted for silence. This report should have been a wake up call to Nancy Johnson. But instead of asking questions, she continues to blindly support the President’s war in Iraq rather than the security of the people of Connecticut. The NIE proves what many Americans have suspected for years: our involvement in Iraq is making us less safe at home. Yet Nancy Johnson doesn’t want to talk about her party’s record on the war in Iraq, as evidenced by her vote just yesterday to deny any debate of the intelligence report. Her unwavering support of President Bush and this mismanaged war shows just how out of touch she is with the people of the Fifth District.
Help keep this ad on air by making a contribution to Chris Murphy! The FEC contribution deadline is this Saturday!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Have You Had Enough?

A great new anti-Nancy video has been created by the blog "The Enigmatic Paradox." Watch the video below and go check out their site for more good stuff.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Well Look Who's Here

Nancy Johnson's favorite president is stopping in Connecticut today to raise money for her campaign. While Nancy wouldn't dare be seen with George W. Bush in public (it's a private fundraiser), she'll gladly accept his money to run more nasty attack ads. I'm confused...Last week Nancy Johnson was campaigning with John McCain and playing up her "independence." This week Bush comes to town and she's back to being a loyal right winger. I guess Nancy really will say and do anything to get more special interest money.

Don't let Nancy Johnson buy this election with her dirty money from George W. Bush and her other GOP cronies. Fight back by making a contribution to Chris Murphy's campaign. The FEC campaign contribution deadline for the quarter is this Saturday.

Contribute now to ensure that the dirty money of Bush, Cheney, Rove & Co. doesn't go unmatched!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

This Is Too Easy

Insert your joke in the comments.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Help Guarantee Victory

Chris Murphy needs our help. The September 30th FEC deadline for campaign contributions is quickly approaching. The time to act is now. We've already seen the nasty ads that Nancy Johnson is running. They're only going to get worse as we get closer to November 7. We have to ensure that Chris Murphy has the resources to respond to Nancy Johnson's vicious attacks. Please consider making a contribution to Murphy's campaign. $10, $25, $50...whatever you can afford will go a long way in fighting back against Nancy Johnson's smear campaign. Together we can take back this seat!
Will you help?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Murphy Looks to Knock Johnson Out

Lots of politicians talk about how they go out into the community to listen to the average voters, but for most of them it's just talk. For Chris Murphy, however, going out and listening to the voters of the fifth district has become the central theme of his campaign. Murphy's "41 Towns in 41 Days" door knocking tour has allowed him to spread his message throughout the district by going door to door and listening to the concerns of voters. Now tell me, when was the last time you saw Nancy Johnson in your neighborhood? Murphy's unique campaign style demonstrates the unique type of candidate that he is. Finally, the people of the fifth district will have a representative who listens to their concerns, and not those of lobbyists and special interests.

Murphy's campaign highlighted his unique approach in their latest TV ad:

The media is also taking notice, this story appeared in the Record-Journal:
It’s all about the shoe leather, at least for now. Christopher S. Murphy has launched a ground offensive to take on Nancy L. Johnson’s air war in the fight for the 5th Dis­trict.

“I think we’ll be able to match Nancy Johnson on the airwaves, but we’ll beat her on the ground,” Murphy said last month at a fundraiser. “Most congres­sional campaigns aren’t run with the candidates spending time every day knocking on doors.” Murphy is no stranger to wag­ing a ground war, and he knows its potential to impact a race.

He knocked on every door in Southington’s 81st Assembly Dis­trict twice in 1998, when he de­feated 14-year incumbent Angelo Fusco.

“I started out to do it a third time, and found that I was losing votes,” Murphy said. “People said, ‘Go away and I’ll vote for you.’” Two years before that, Mur­phy had managed Charlotte Koskoff’s campaign against John­son when Koskoff came within 1,600 votes of beating her. Koskoff didn’t air a single TV commercial, but relied on grass­roots organizing and constant campaigning in the district.

Murphy knows he’s an under­dog, and that people have been pulling levers for Johnson for more than two decades, a senti­ment he brings with him when he goes door to door.

“Hi, I’m Chris Murphy, and I’m running against Nancy John­son,” he tells a woman on Higby Drive in Meriden. “It’s nothing personal against Ms. Johnson, but we desperately need change in Washington right now.” “I’m for change,” the woman says, and takes a flier from Mur­phy.

On a 41-day tour to knock on doors in each of the 41 towns in the district, Murphy’s campaign said it picked the Higby Drive area because it is close to the highway.

“I don’t have the millions of bucks that Johnson does, so I’m doing this the old fashioned way,” Murphy tells Shelly Backus of South Meadow Lane.

Backus says she is still deciding which candidate to support, but her husband Randy is favoring Murphy “both because he’s a Democrat, and because I don’t like some of Johnson’s advertising and information.”

Need any more proof of Chris Murphy's door knocking? Well then watch the three latest installments of "41 Towns in 41 Days."

In Southbury:


Falls Village:

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Nancy Johnson's latest attack ad attempts to illustrate her "strength" on national security, while at the same time playing into the fears of voters. But what exactly has Johnson's "strength" gotten us?
Over 2500 American soldiers killed in Iraq
More than 20,000 soldiers wounded
More than 40,000 innocent Iraqi civilians killed
Over $300 billion spent
Further instability in the Middle East
This war has been incredibly mismanaged, yet Nancy Johnson and the Republican Congress have not so much as questioned Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. Nancy Johnson even said a few weeks ago that she does not think Donald Rumsfeld should resign. Whatever the Bush administration has asked for, Nancy Johnson has not hesitated to provide. We are stuck in Iraq because Congress failed to oversee and question this administration. While the death toll continues to rise in Iraq, Nancy Johnson refuses to ask any questions of the administration. Perhaps she fears by questioning the war she will appear "weak" on national security. As Bill Clinton so eloquently said in his 2004 convention speech, however, "Strength and wisdom are not opposing values."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Update: Listen to Murphy's Address

You can listen to Chris Murphy's national radio address here.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Murphy to Deliver National Radio Address

Chris Murphy has been selected to give the national Democratic response to President Bush's weekly radio address. This is quite an honor, and just another sign of the strength of Murphy's candidacy. The broadcast will air Saturday morning directly after the Presidential address which begins at 11 A.M. EST. All major radio networks carry the broadcast including ABC, AP, AURN, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, NPR, American Forces Radio, Voice of America, BBC, CBC, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Murphy's address will focus on the issue of Medicare, the Achilles heel of Nancy Johnson who wrote the Medicare prescription drug plan that forbids the government from negotiating with drug companies to obtain lower prescription drug prices for seniors. Perhaps that's why Johnson's campaign warchest is so heavily funded by the drug companies.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Must See TV

Are you in need of a good laugh? Well, you're in luck because Nancy Johnson's campaign just released what might be the worst political ad ever. Johnson attempts to attack Murphy over his opposition to illegal wiretapping through the usual attack ad lies and distortions. Yet the message is completely lost in the sheer stupidity of the ad. See for yourself:

Question #1:

Why is the "average people" image of a bunch of people in rain coats and umbrellas? Does this terrorist attack involve some sort of monsoon? Acid rain? Seriously is that the only picture they could find?

Question #2:

I thought the bad black and white pictures were supposed to be of your opponent? Doesn't a candidate's own ad usually feature them smiling in colored pictures? Why did Johnson's campaign choose to use this picture of her? It's not very flattering. I guess beauty is the price you pay for being "tough" on terrorism.

Question #3:

Are we talking about terrorism or cutting student aid? Nancy probably thought she could slip this one past me...not so fast. Look closely at the image shown when the announcer says, "Nancy Johnson says act immediately." They display a blurry image that's supposed to convey Johnson's action on terrorism, but upon closer review it seems this image has nothing to do with terrorism at all. In fact, it's a chart about financial aid for college students. An odd choice for Johnson to display given her vote this year to support the largest cut in history for federal student aid programs. If you look close enough you can see the chart labeled with "Federal Pell Grant", "Tuition Assistance Program", "Outside Grant or Scholarship", "Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan", "Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan", and so on. Perhaps the dots in their columns represent all the times Nancy Johnson has voted to cut these programs.

Question #4:

This is probably the most mind boggling one of them all. Maybe it's some landmark that I just don't recognize, but where the hell is Nancy Johnson standing in her photo-op with the veterans at the end of the ad? Are these people at Area 51 or something? And what are they looking up at and saluting? The flag is clearly located in the lower left corner of the screen behind them. They are all looking in different directions too. think this was a TV photo-op rather than an actual event? But I gotta give Nancy major props for taking the time to put on her red jacket so that she could match the veterans. It's a real nice touch.

Seriously, is this the worst ad you've ever seen? I could not stop laughing when I first saw it. Is Johnson's media person some high school kid? First there was the recreated 9/11 memorial service ad, then the ridiculous game show tax ad, and now the most bizarre ad of them all. Such incompetent commercials make me feel that much better about Chris Murphy's chances in November.

If you're able to avoid being distracted by the commercial's comical images long enough to remember what its message is, you'll find that it's completely bogus too. As usual Johnson has completely lied about Chris Murphy's record. To see how Murphy actually stands on the issue click here.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekday Roundup

This and that from the Murphy campaign:

More national pundits are taking notice of the increasingly competitive fifth district race. The National Journal's updated House rankings put the Murphy-Johnson race as the 20th most competitive in the country. That's up nine spots from their last rankings. This comes in addition to last week's Washington Post ranking which put the race at 15th in the country. Virtually every credible prognosticator now recognizes the incredible vulnerability of Nancy Johnson this November.

In another instance of what's at stake in this race, President Bush announced that he hopes to revisit the issue of privatizing social security following the November elections. Nancy Johnson is a strong proponent of privatizing social security. Chris Murphy issued the following statement in response to Bush's announcement and Johnson's support of privatization:
President Bush knows his friends in Congress, including Nancy Johnson, are in trouble, so he says he is waiting until after the November election to take another crack at dismantling Social Security by privatizing the program. Nancy Johnson must be relieved to learn that she won't have to carry the President'’s water on privatizing Social Security before the election, as she has on so many other issues recently. Nancy Johnson has made it clear she supports President Bush'’s goal to privatize Social Security. The President'’s remarks make it clear a vote for Nancy Johnson is a vote to privatize Social Security in January. The push for "‘private accounts" is the first stage in the wholesale privatization of Social Security, and Nancy Johnson has fallen in lock step with President Bush and the rest of the Republican Congress on this issue, as she has on so many others. When I get to Congress, I will fight the President'’s plans to privatize Social Security. We cannot gamble with our seniors' futures.

Murphy also recently unveiled his education plan. Murphy views investing in education as one of the most important jobs of the federal government. Nancy Johnson's record indicates she does not share that belief. During her current term in office, Johnson has voted to cut $2.2 billion from the Department of Education, $57 million from Head Start, and $806 million from No Child Left Behind. Even worse, Nancy Johnson cast the deciding vote for the largest cut to student aid in history, slashing $12.7 billion in funding for students. Apparently, Nancy doesn't think getting an affordable education is all that important. To read Chris Murphy's plan to reform education click here.

And finally, check out the next two installments of Murphy's "41 Towns in 41 Days" tour. The first comes from Murphy's hometown of Cheshire and the second is from Sherman.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Chris Murphy Interview

Major props to ctblogger who recently sat down for an interview with Chris Murphy. Go over to Hat City Blog to read his full story and watch the interview below.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Catching Up With Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy has been so busy door knocking throughout the entire fifth district, that I've had trouble keeping up with him in my blog posts. His latest stops on the trail were Danbury, Burlington, Harwinton, Roxbury, and Warren. Watch the four new videos below.


Burlington and Harwinton:



Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Johnson Too Chicken to Debate?

Nancy Johnson continues to feel the heat from Chris Murphy. So much so that she appears to be unwilling to debate Murphy. In a campaign press release, Murphy challenged Johnson to nine issue debates. Murphy originally challenged Johnson to three debates on Iraq, energy policy, and health care. Johnson's campaign co-chair responded to Murphy's proposal by suggesting that the two candidates also debate jobs, the economy, taxes, immigration, education, and the environment, for a total of nine debates. Murphy enthusiastically agreed to the nine debates and sent Johnson a letter with many dates on which he would make himself available to debate. The Murphy campaign has received no response from Nancy Johnson.

So why is Nancy Johnson so reluctant to debate? Maybe it's because she knows she cannot defend her right-wing voting record. Can you imagine Johnson attempting to explain her Medicare Part D creation and how it forbids the federal government from negotiating lower prescription drug costs? Or defending the deciding votes she cast for the 2006 Bush budget and energy plan which cut student aid for the first time in decades and gave away massive tax breaks to oil companies? Nancy Johnson knows she has to hide her record. Why else would she be so reluctant to debate? Her Republican colleague, Chris Shays, has agreed to participate in eleven debates with Diane Farrell. Johnson knows that any debate will allow Chris Murphy to pick apart her indefensible voting record. Nancy Johnson's unwillingness to debate shows once again how out of touch she is with the people of Connecticut.

Chris Murphy summed it up best saying:
The Johnson campaign has been curiously quiet in the past month, not even responding to my request to schedule a series of issue-specific debates. When I am traveling the District, I hear time and again that people do not think that Washington is doing anything to solve the problems they are facing. With only nine weeks until the election, I want to give people in the Fifth District the opportunity to hear from me and from Nancy Johnson where we stand on the issues facing middle class families here in Connecticut. During her month off from work in Washington, I would have thought that Nancy Johnson would have been hearing the same cry for debate that I have been hearing as I go door-to-door and go to community events. With only nine weeks until the election, I will continue to tell voters where I stand on issues important to them. Nancy Johnson appears unwilling to do so.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Greetings

Well I hope that you're all enjoying the holiday weekend. There's no days off, however, when you're a congressional candidate in one of the fifteen most competitive races in the entire country. Chris Murphy has been busy making his way around the district as part of his "41 Towns in 41 Days" door knocking tour. Check out the three latest installments below and hear what voters in each town had to say.

In Plainville:

On to Wolcott:

And finally, Torrington:

Friday, September 01, 2006

Lamont Raises Money For Murphy

Democratic Senate candidate Ned Lamont sent out the following email to his supporters today asking them to contribute to Chris Murphy's campaign. It's great to see all of the Democrats working together to ensure that we win across the board in November. Contribute whatever you can to Chris Murphy by clicking on one of the links below or through ActBlue here.
On August 8, Connecticut Democrats voted for change in Washington.

The Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senate carries with it a special responsibility. We are electing a coalition for change, and our organization will work in concert with Connecticut candidates promoting a message of progress at home, and abroad.

In Connecticut ’s 5th Congressional District, Democrat Chris Murphy is running against rubber-stamp Republican Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, who has been part of the problem in Washington for 24 years.

We’ve built a sizable online community over the past six months, and today we are asking you to support our campaign, and our Party, by helping Chris Murphy. Can you make a $20, $50, or $100 contribution to his campaign today?

Republican Nancy Johnson and Lieberman Party candidate Joe Lieberman have a lot in common these days.

They share a “stay the course” message on the war in Iraq . Their support for the Bush/Cheney Energy Policy and campaign contributions from those who profit from high gas prices have Americans paying the price at the pump. And they are both funding massive GOTV operations aimed at driving Republicans to the polls.

But our Democratic coalition for change will prevail because of the strength of our grassroots and netroots support. Can you help send Chris to Congress with Ned Lamont by making a contribution today?

Fifteen seats. That’s all we need to get a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives eager to ask President Bush the tough questions on foreign and domestic policy—one that will serve as a check on the last two years of the Bush-Cheney Administration.

Chris Murphy’s campaign is poised to be one of those fifteen seats that the Democratic Party can pick up this year. He is a rising star, and it will be an honor to work hand in hand with him next year, bringing much needed change to Washington , D.C.

I’m sure Chris never thought he’d have to run against Joe Lieberman’s GOP-GOTV operation. But just like we’ll defeat Senator Lieberman again in November, with your support, we’ll help elect Chris Murphy as well. Can we count on you to help him out with your contribution today?

Rock the boat,


Washington Post Rankings

Wow. The Washington Post updated their House rankings of the 20 most competitive races. The fifth district race had not been previously ranked in the top 20, however, this week the race soared to 15th on the list. What had been a safe seat for many years is now considered the 15th most competitive House race in the country. It's truly amazing. Here's what Chris Cillizza had to say in his analysis:
Volatility is the rule in these finals two months as campaigns often yo-yo from neck and neck to non-competitive in the blink of an eye. That volatility led to the addition of several races to this month's Line -- most notably Indiana's 2nd district, which has emerged as one of Democrats' best chances for a pickup, and Connecticut's 5th district, where both public and private polling show Rep. Nancy Johnson in for her toughest race in more than a decade.

15. Connecticut's 5th District: Given her demonstrated fundraising ability ($2.6 million on hand at the end of June) and her longevity in Congress (24 years), Nancy Johnson (R) isn't an obvious target. But, Republican insiders say that's "red handed" commercials that ran earlier this cycle did damage to Johnson's image. Plus, state Sen. Chris Murphy (D) is running an extremely active campaign with $1 million in the bank. The district is extremely competitive (Kerry won it by 1,100 votes in 2004) and if voters are looking for a fresh face Johnson could be in trouble. (Previous ranking: N/A)