Thursday, August 31, 2006

Refreshing Nancy Johnson's Memory

Nancy Johnson seems to be having a memory problem. She can't seem to recall her good buddy George W. Bush. With Bush's horrendous approval ratings in Connecticut, Johnson has been running as far away from him as possible. She makes no mention of the President or even the Republican Party in any of her advertisements or other campaign materials. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle described just how far Johnson and her Republican friends are running away from Bush:
President Bush has become the invisible man of the Republican Party's effort to keep control of the House and Senate in November's midterm elections.

The Web sites of the party's candidates in the most competitive races across the country either give only a passing nod to the president or don't even mention Bush, whose popularity has been weighed down by the war in Iraq, high gas prices, economic anxieties and lingering memories of last August's Hurricane Katrina.

With about nine weeks to go before the Nov. 7 election, the Bush online invisibility mirrors a strategic divide between Republicans who want to keep the congressional elections as local as possible and Democrats who want to turn the midterm vote into a national referendum on the president and his policies.

Democrats need 15 seats to take back the House that they lost to the Republicans in 1994 and six seats to control the Senate. Polls show they at least have a shot, especially in the House.

Examples of Bush's disappearance abound on visits to the Web sites of GOP candidates.

Rep. Nancy Johnson, R-Conn., one of three Connecticut GOP House members targeted by the Democrats, just can't bring herself to use Bush's name. Instead, four times in her issues section on national security she mentions how she supported "the president'' on votes involving Iraq and funding for the war on terrorism.

Her colleague, Rep. Rob Simmons, R-Conn., on his campaign site's home page, runs a photo of himself with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who leads polls for the party's 2008 presidential nomination. No mention of Bush anywhere, and Simmons boasts to home state voters that he is "one of the most independent Republicans in the entire U.S. House.''

The state's third GOP House Member, Rep. Chris Shays, said last week after his 14th visit to Iraq that he had switched positions and now favors a timetable for withdrawing U.S. forces.

Larry Sabato, who predicts Democratic gains come November and won't rule out Democratic majorities in either or both houses, said the localization strategy won't work. "It's nearly impossible in mid-term elections to run from the leader in the White House. Mid-term elections are seen as an opportunity to send a message on the White House,'' he said.

Perhaps the picture above from a press conference celebrating Johnson's doughnut hole Medicare legislation will remind Nancy of her good friend George. If not, maybe this video detailing Bush's legislation that Johnson has rubber stamped will.

Nancy, you can run but you can't hide from your good friend George W. Bush.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Brookfield and New Milford

The next two stops on Chris Murphy's "41 Towns in 41 Days" tour were Brookfield and New Milford. Watch Chris recount his day through the two towns below.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Stu Rothenberg: Dems To Gain 15-20 House Seats

As we move closer to November, the House projections just keep getting better for Democrats. In his updated House outlook, Stu Rothenberg increased the number of seats he predicts Democrats will gain from 8-12 to 15-20. Rothenberg states that the political atmosphere is perfect for candidates like Chris Murphy as, "voters are more critical of Republican incumbents – and supportive of even unknown Democratic candidates – than they usually are at this point in the election cycle." He concludes that there is no stopping the Democratic wave and that the only question now is its size.

to Chris Murphy now to ensure that Nancy Johnson is swept off to sea!

Read Rothenberg's complete analysis below (bold mine):
Our latest race-by-race review of Congressional districts around the country convinces us that a Democratic wave is building and that the party is poised to take control of the House of Representatives in the fall. The only question now is the size of the November wave.

The national mood remains bleak for Republicans. President George W. Bush’s job performance ratings are terrible, and the public still gives Congress low marks. A majority of Americans continue to tell pollsters that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

That’s a recipe for a GOP disaster, and there is no reason to believe that things will change dramatically between now and Election Day to improve Republican prospects.

At the district level, voters are more critical of Republican incumbents – and supportive of even unknown Democratic candidates – than they usually are at this point in the election cycle. GOP candidates are running behind where they would be in anything approaching a “neutral” year. While some firming of the Republican base is likely over the next ten weeks, that alone may not be enough for the party to retain the House.

Strong fund raising by the DCCC should mean that some Democratic candidates won’t face the huge financial discrepancy that they have in the past, though RNC money should boost the Republican ground game nationally.

To hold the House, Republicans must retain at least a handful of districts that now appear likely to go Democratic, probably by discrediting Democratic challengers and open seat hopefuls. Unlike previous cycles, when the burden was on Democrats to create upsets, the onus is now on the GOP to save at least a handful of seats before Election Day.

Therefore, we are raising our estimate of likely Democratic gains from 8-12 seats to 15-20 seats, which would translate to between 218 and 223 seats – and a majority – in the next House.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Knock Knock

Here's the next installment of Chris Murphy's 41 Towns in 41 Days Tour. The video combines two days of door knocking, the first in Morris and second in Litchfield. Keep an eye out for Chris Murphy in your neighborhood...and don't be surprised if you find him on your doorstep. Grassroots power baby!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Granny's Got A Knife!

The Journal Inquirer wrote a blistering editorial on Nancy Johnson. They really nailed it. Enjoy!

Nancy Johnson's ads: first grandmother, then knife fighter

After 12 terms in Congress, 24 years, U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson's act may be wearing thin. It is being revved up again in television commercials. It goes like this.

First Johnson, who represents Connecticut's 5th Congressional District, the northwest part of the state, raises millions of dollars for her re-election campaign from special interests, particularly from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, over which she has great influence as a high-ranking member of the Republican majority on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Then Johnson's campaign produces and broadcasts a series of commercials portraying her as a caring grandmother looking after everyone. Oh, look -- There's Nancy getting free prescriptions for all the old folks. And there's Nancy attending the memorial service of someone who was killed in the terrorist attack on New York, earning the gratitude of the victim's family and proving that she REALLY CARES.

And then the caring grandmother unleashes the attack ads against her Democratic opponent, ads in which the caring grandmother can be found only for the briefest instant, when she delivers the legally required disclaimer in her own voice that she approves this message. No caring grandmother would want to stick around long enough to be associated with the demagogic abuse that is to follow.

This year Johnson's opponent is state Sen. Christopher S. Murphy of Southington, and Johnson's campaign is broadcasting a cartoonish TV commercial proclaiming that Murphy has voted to raise taxes 27 times and on just about everything -- your house, your car, your gas, even your pet. Twenty-seven times! Twenty-seven times! Twenty-seven times!

(Get it yet? That was 27 times!)

Well, OF COURSE Murphy has voted to raise taxes. He's running against Johnson, isn't he? He must have voted to raise taxes. Actually, 27 times, if that number is close to true, may not be so high for someone who already has had four years in Connecticut's General Assembly. And as Murphy replies in a TV ad of his own, he has voted to cut some taxes as well. So just how does it all add up?

But Johnson's attack ad isn't your grandmother's attempt to sit down, go over the details carefully, reason things out, and do right by everyone. It's your grandmother smashing the skillet down on your head because you may have just THOUGHT of reaching into her cookie jar.

That is, it's a smear. For as Lenin is supposed to have observed, if you label something well enough, you don't have to argue with it.

If Murphy's campaign had the money and the wit, it might have replied differently to Johnson's attack ad - replied with an attack ad of its own a bit closer to the truth:

"In her three decades in Congress, Nancy Johnson has voted to bankrupt the country by running up the national debt 1,027 times! Yes, 1,027 times!"

After all, where does anybody think that money for free prescriptions for the old folks is coming from? It's all being borrowed from their grandchildren, just like the money for the war in Iraq.

Or maybe this one: "Going to funerals of terrorism victims is nice, but how does Mrs. Caring Grandmother serve in Congress all this time without ever having had anything to say, much less a critical question, about the war in Iraq? The funerals won't let up until someone asks questions."

Contrary to the suggestion of those of Johnson's campaign commercials in which she shows herself, distinct from the commercials in which she slashes at her opponent almost anonymously from a safe distance, government is NOT all warm and fuzzy. Its choices can be as cutthroat as Johnson's own attack ads. But it has been a long time since Johnson has been compelled to confront and acknowledge those choices when doing so might mean something -- in an election.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Murphy Takes Message to the Streets

Earlier this week, Chris Murphy kicked off his ambitious "41 Towns in 41 Days" door knocking tour of the fifth district. His campaign has begun posting video on their website from the visits to each town. It's pretty cool to see a candidate like Chris Murphy actively engaging the internet and blog community. Murphy is welcoming the internet community with open arms and providing an inside look of his campaign. It's nice to have a candidate actually seeking out his constituents rather than hiding from them like Nancy Johnson. Check out the first two videos below.

Door knocking kickoff in Waterbury:

In Woodbury:

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Murphy Closing In On Johnson In Latest Poll

A new poll of the fifth district has been released by Democracy Corps. The numbers look good for Chris Murphy. Johnson only leads by a mere five points (49-44). As a 24 year incumbent with a $4 million warchest, these numbers are pitiful for Nancy Johnson. Her message is clearly not resonating with Connecticut voters, despite the fact that she has been bombarding the district with TV ads every day and night. In fact, the poll indicates that her commercials may actually be having a negative effect. This race is extremely winnable! Let's do whatever we can to make sure Chris Murphy keeps the momentum and sends Nancy packing in November. Go to his website and volunteer or contribute to his campaign via ActBlue. Below are excerpts from the here to see all of the results.
How would you rate the job being done by Nancy Johnson as U.S. Congresswoman -- excellent, good, just fair, or poor?

Just fair...32

Excellent/Good ...43
If the election for U.S. House of Representatives were today and the candidates were Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican Nancy Johnson -- for whom would you vote, Democrat Chris Murphy or Republican Nancy Johnson?

Democrat Chris Murphy ...40
Lean Democrat Chris Murphy ... 4
Republican Nancy Johnson...45
Lean Republican Nancy Johnson...4

Total Democrat Chris Murphy...44
Total Republican Nancy Johnson...49
Based on what you have seen on TV lately, are you feeling more favorable or less favorable toward Nancy Johnson?

Much more favorable...11
Somewhat more favorable ...21
Somewhat less favorable ...20
Much less favorable ...17
(No difference)...6
(Have not seen anything)...17
(Don't know/refused) ...7

Total More favorable ...32
Total Less favorable...37
Based on what you have seen on TV lately, are you feeling more favorable or less favorable toward Chris Murphy?

Much more favorable...10
Somewhat more favorable ...18
Somewhat less favorable ...13
Much less favorable ...10
(No difference)...6
(Have not seen anything)...28
(Don't know/refused)...16

Total More favorable...27
Total Less favorable...23

Monday, August 21, 2006

Chamber of Commerce Exposed

So have you seen the Chamber of Commerce's puff piece ad for Nancy Johnson? You know, the one that looks like it was made in 1980 on a $20 budget...yeah that's the one. Not only is it poorly made, but the ad campaign has been exposed across the country to contain blatant lies and misrepresentations. The Chamber of Commerce has spent $10 million to run ads across the country for predominantly Republican candidates who supported the incompetent Medicare Part D prescription drug bill which prohibits the federal government from negotiating lower drug prices for seniors. As the drug industry's favorite congresswoman and creator of the prescription drug bill, Nancy Johnson is one of the legislators featured in the ads. The ads were so dishonest that four of the twenty made had to be taken off of the air because they contained outright lies. The inaccuracies included claims that several legislators voted for the bill despite the fact that they were not members of Congress when it was passed. As a result of these ads, the Chamber of Commerce has lost any credibility that it had. They have revealed themselves to be nothing more than a partisan organization looking to elect Republicans who are at the drug companies command. It should come as no surprise that Nancy Johnson is at the top of the list of legislators the drug companies are looking out for. Johnson's record indicates that she is more concerned about securing profits for drug companies than looking out for Connecticut seniors. The Murphy campaign issued a press release denouncing the Chamber's ads which included the following excerpts:

Murphy on the Chamber:
The Chamber's effort has lost credibility across the country. Let'’s be clear about the membership of the Chamber - this ad campaign is nothing more than the drug companies helping out their favorite legislator, Nancy Johnson.
Murphy on Johnson's role:
People in the Fifth District sent Nancy Johnson to Washington to represent them, not the special interests the Medicare Part D law was written for. The goal of Part D is important - providing prescription drug coverage for our seniors and other Medicare recipients. But Johnson and the Republican Congress missed an opportunity to do what is right for seniors, and instead, wrote the law to benefit drug companies. They accomplished this by keeping prices high by prohibiting price negotiation and creating a profit-making machine for private companies that administer the 44 different plans
On the drug industry's love for Johnson:
Johnson ranks first in the House of Representatives for career campaign contributions from the health industry, raking in more than $3.4 million. So far in the 2006 election cycle, she has received almost $800,000 from the health industry.
On Johnson's Doughnut Hole Creation:
The ad uses the costly and confusing Medicare Part D law as cause to celebrate incumbent Nancy Johnson; meanwhile, seniors across Connecticut are hitting the "“doughnut hole"” and being forced to pay out-of-pocket for costly prescription drug expenses. The "“doughnut hole" is the gap in drug coverage seniors experience after they and their insurance company have spent $2,250 on medications. The coverage does not resume until they have spent a total of $5100. Many seniors are hitting this gap much sooner than they anticipated.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Vote for Chris Murphy...Twice!

You can show your support for Chris Murphy today, by voting for him in two online polls. Murphy is featured in both the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Candidate for Change" contest, and Senator Russ Feingold's "Progressive Patriots Fund." The winner of the 12 candidates in Feingold's contest will receive a $5,000 campaign contribution. The DCCC's contest will award the top three vote recepients, though it does not say what the award is (I can only assume that it will be greater than $5,000 as the national party has many more resources at its disposal). Click on the links to both polls above and go vote now for Chris Murphy!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Grassroots Power

In yet another example of the unique campaign he is running, today Chris Murphy announced his plan to knock on doors in all of the fifth district's 41 towns in the next 41 days. Murphy is using the power of a grassroots campaign to get out and speak with all the voters of the district. He is, after all, no stranger to grassroots campaigning. When first elected to the state legislature in 1998, Murphy defeated a fourteen year incumbent by knocking on every door in the district and outworking his opponent. His energetic style of campaigning clearly resonates with voters. Murphy's active campaigning throughout the district also stands in clear contrast to Nancy Johnson who seems to be AWOL and completely out of touch with Connecticut. Murphy had this to say in a press release issued by his campaign:

While Nancy Johnson hides from her constituents this summer, I will be knocking on doors in every town in the Fifth over the course of the next 41 days to listen to people and talk to them about how we can change Washington. When I won elections against veteran incumbents in the state legislature, I knocked on every door in the district I was competing to represent. When I began this Congressional campaign, people told me I couldn’t knock on every door in the Fifth District. Maybe they’re right, but I’ll collapse trying.

It is so refreshing to see a candidate actually going out and listening to the concerns of voters throughout the district. Nancy Johnson has been down in Washington so long that she wouldn't be able to find her way around the fifth district if you gave her a roadmap. Chris Murphy, on the other hand, is harnessing the power of grassroots campaigning and actively seeking out voters throughout the entire district.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

National Eyes on the Fifth District

Chris Murphy's bid to unseat Nancy Johnson received even more publicity today, from both the Washington Post and National Journal. The Post's political blog, The Fix, noted the growing Democratic wave sweeping the country and cited the research of Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg. The fifth district race between Murphy and Johnson was singled out as pivotal:
For those looking for signs that we may be in for a cataclysmic election, watch developments in districts like Connecticut's 5th, Indiana's 2nd, Ohio's 1st, Pennsylvania's 8th, and even Illinois' 10th. If those races start to narrow considerably or the Republican incumbents looks to be scrambling, get out your foul weather gear -- a wave is coming.
Based on Nancy's desperate attack ads already on air, I think it's fair to say she's might want to grab an umbrella.

The National Journal also took notice of Murphy's campaign, by bumping the race up five spots in its latest House rankings. Connecticut's Fifth is now featured in the Journal's top 30 House races, moving up to 29 from a previous ranking of 34.

It seems that each day there's more good news for Murphy's campaign to report. Virtually every national pundit now recognizes Nancy Johnson as extremely vulnerable and views a Murphy win as critical to a Democratic majority. It seems more likely everyday that after 24 long years, Connecticut will finally rid itself of Nancy Johnson.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Washington Post: For GOP, Bad Gets Worse In Northeast

Today the Washington Post profiled just how bad things are getting for Republicans in the Northeast. Noting the increasingly Democratic trends of the region, the Post cited several GOP incumbents who are in serious jeopardy of losing in November. Nancy Johnson is one such incumbent deemed at high risk. Northeast races will be critical to Democratic hopes of picking up the fifteen necessary seats to reclaim the House majority. Read the whole story here or check out some excerpts below:

On the GOP's Northeast troubles:
The Iraq war and Bush's low approval ratings have created trouble for Republicans in all regions. But nowhere is the GOP brand more scuffed than in the Northeast, where this year's circumstances are combining with long-term trends to endanger numerous incumbents.

A Washington-Post ABC News poll this month found Bush's approval rating at 28 percent in the Northeast -- 12 points below his national average. The Republican Congress fared no better.

In Connecticut, Republican Reps. Nancy L. Johnson and Christopher Shays -- like Simmons -- are in highly competitive contests.
On permanently turning these seats Democratic:
Republican losses in the region could echo well beyond the 2006 campaign. Because much of the region is tilting Democratic, history suggests Republicans would find it hard to recapture seats once lost.

One reason Republicans understand the risk is that they were beneficiaries of a strikingly similar regional upheaval a decade ago.

Before the 1994 elections, when Republicans won control of the House for the first time in 40 years, Democrats held dozens of Southern districts in which the electorate had been gradually growing more conservative. That year, Republicans picked up 20 of those Southern seats, including several held by Democratic incumbents who -- like Northeast Republicans today -- tried to distance themselves from an unpopular White House and Congress controlled by their party.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

New Murphy Ad

Chris Murphy has released his second TV ad of the campaign. Once again taking the high road, Murphy chose to do a positive ad rather than resorting to the nasty attacks and tasteless exploitations seen in Nancy Johnson's commercials. The difference between the two campaigns could not be any clearer. On the one hand we have Nancy Johnson using the typical attack ads full of distortions and outright lies. Not to mention the absolutely disgusting politicizing of 9/11 in her latest ad. On the other hand we have a new, inspiring candidate in Chris Murphy, who is choosing to run his campaign differently by talking about bringing real change to Washington and the political process as a whole. Murphy is hoping to raise all of our expectations of politics and refusing to abide by the status quo. It's quite refreshing to see someone we can actually believe in, rather than the same old Washington politician we already have in Nancy Johnson.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Update: See Entire Ad Now

Apparently Nancy's new 9/11 ad is so sick that even YouTube didn't want to play it. The original file was corrupted towards the end of the commercial but I have fixed the problem and you can now watch the entire ad in all its sickening glory. Nancy is apparently quite proud of this ad as it is now featured on the front page of her website. Disgusting.
Nancy Johnson's Tasteless New Ad

Well I didn't think it was possible, but Nancy Johnson has reached a new low. In her new TV ad, Johnson attempts to use the tragic events of September 11th for her own political advantage. The commercial features a woman who lost her son on 9/11 explaining how Nancy Johnson was there for her and "really cares." The most despicable part of the ad, however, comes when Johnson recreates the memorial service in order to show herself comforting the grieving woman. How morbid is that?

Make no mistake, my heart goes out to anyone who lost loved ones on 9/11. But Nancy Johnson taking advantage of someone else's loss for political purposes is the worst form of exploitation and pandering. How does Nancy Johnson's conscience allow her to ask a grieving mother to recreate her son's memorial service so that it may be used for a television commercial? Have twenty-four years in Washington made Nancy Johnson so out of touch that nothing is sacred to her? This ad is truly one of the most disgusting instances of political exploitation I can ever recall. Call Nancy Johnson at (860) 225-2107 and demand that she take this ad down immediately!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Obama Campaigns for Chris Murphy

Senator Barack Obama, perhaps the most popular Democrat in the country after Bill Clinton, is now actively campaigning for Chris Murphy. In an email to Democratic supporters, Murphy was one of four candidates from across the country that Obama singled out as someone who "will help us get this country back on the right track." To be on the short list of a political rock star like Barack Obama is quite an accomplishment by Murphy. It serves as just another indication of the strong campaign that Chris Murphy is running. Citing Nancy Johnson's "massive war chest funded by drug companies" Senator Obama urged all Democrats to contribute to Chris Murphy's campaign. You can join Barack Obama in supporting Chris Murphy by contributing to his campaign via ActBlue.

Here are excerpts from Obama's letter:
As we race towards Election Day, America stands at a crossroads.

In a century just six years old, our nation has been shaken by war and terror, by disaster and disillusionment, and by the corruption and failure of our government -- the result of George W. Bush's policies and the Republican Congress that has enabled him to push through his divisive agenda.

Americans everywhere are desperate for new leadership and a new direction. This is our moment to lead. This is our moment to put forth an agenda that benefits all Americans.

Today, I want to tell you about four individuals I believe will help us get this country back on the right track. In November we not only have an opportunity to claim a Democratic majority in the House, we have an opportunity to do it on the strength of a new generation of progressive leaders.

Chris Murphy - Connecticut's 5th Congressional District. After Republican Nancy Johnson, author of the misleading Republican Medicare bill, won her 12th term in 2004, many assumed she would have this seat for life. With a massive war chest funded by drug companies, it would take a Democratic candidate of exceptional energy and character to make this seat competitive. We have that candidate in Chris Murphy, who now has a chance to defeat the Republican most responsible for selling out our seniors' health care to the drug companies.

Chris Murphy hit the ground running, taking Nancy Johnson head-on with health care as his signature issue and advocating expansion of coverage, allowing Medicare to bargain for lower prices, and funding innovative approaches in states that can serve as a model for America. Chris has put together one of the most inspiring, energetic and effective campaigns in the country - raising money, earning loyal volunteers dedicated to putting him in Congress, and seizing the momentum. Now Nancy Johnson is one of the most endangered Republican incumbents. With Chris's determination, I know we count on him to win and take on the biggest problems facing America today.

This next generation of Democrats will be the generation that leads - and wins - the fight for affordable, accessible health care for all Americans; for an energy independent America; for open, honest government; and for a smart, tough foreign policy that restores American moral leadership in the world.

Please support this new generation of House leaders with a contribution today. It is critical that we end this disastrous one-party Republican rule and send America in a new direction.


Barack Obama
United States Senator

Contribute to Chris Murphy here!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Charlie Cook: "GOP Hill Gets Steeper"

Charlie Cook, one of the most respected Washington political analysts, has updated his projections for the 2006 elections. Cook's analysis contains no good news for Republicans. For Democrats, however, the news could not be any better. Cook foresees a huge Democratic wave sweeping across the entire country, saying:
In terms of the political climate, the facts are clear. All of the traditional diagnostic indicators in major national polls taken in the past 10 days show numbers consistent with an electoral rout.
Opinions of Congress continue to be incredibly low:
On Congress' approval rating, the Cook/RT and CBS/NYT polls found just 28 percent approved of the job Congress was doing. It was 25 percent in the NBC/WSJ survey. Those numbers are a shade better than at this point in 1994, but still in the same horrific category.

On the generic congressional ballot, Democrats were ahead by 13 points among registered voters, 49 percent to 36 percent in the Cook/RT poll, and by 10 points in the other two. In 1994 NBC/WSJ polling, Republicans were still 5-6 points behind in both second- and early third-quarter polling, but surged to a 5-point lead in the final pre-election poll.
Democratic voters are much more eager to vote as well:
When asked to rate how interested they are in the upcoming election on a scale of one to 10, with 10 representing "extremely interested," 44 percent of registered voters chose the top number in the Cook/RT poll. Turnout will probably be a little more than one-third, but less than this 44 percent. Among those with the highest level of interest, Democrats had a 19-point lead on the generic congressional ballot, 52 percent to 33 percent.
Finally, Cook's take on the Democrats' chances of taking the fifteen seats needed to regain the House majority:
In the House, where Democrats need a 15-seat gain to win a majority, Republicans have 15 seats that the Cook Political Report currently rates as toss-ups. No Democratic seats remain in that column. Another 21 GOP seats are rated as leaning Republican.

In a very large tidal-wave election, as this one appears to be, it would not be unusual to see all toss-ups go to one party, along with a few out of the leaning column as well. Republicans might lose their House majority just in the seats in which they are behind or in which their edge is within a poll's margin of error.
Cook's analysis points to a tremendous Democratic wave in November. The desire for change is spreading across the entire country. People are sick and tired of the Republican status quo. If all goes well, Nancy Johnson will be one of the many Republicans shipped out of Washington by a new Democratic wave.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Nancy Johnson Strikes Out

With all the attention this weekend focused on the Democratic primary, there's not much to report with regards to the other races. We do finally have some great weather, however. It's a perfect day for a baseball game...and in honor of that you can watch the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's ad about Nancy Johnson talking a good game but striking out for Connecticut citizens. Enjoy the weather and have a good weekend!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Last Day To Vote!

Today is the last day to vote to bring John Edwards to the Fifth District! Go vote for Chris Murphy in Edwards' online poll. Not only will it give you the chance to see John in person, but it will provide the Murphy campaign with a huge fundraising opportunity. Vote here now and forward the link to all of your friends too!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

So How Do Republicans Really Feel About Connecticut?

Ever feel like the GOP is completely out of touch with Connecticut? If not, here's all the evidence you need to change your mind. Daniel Kish, a senior aide to House Resources Chair Richard Pombo (R-CA), let his true feelings about our state be known in an email he sent to his Republican colleagues. The email appeared in Roll Call and came in response to a question from a colleague on how Pombo's staff should respond to an editorial that appeared in the Hartford Courant which opposed drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Pombo favors opening ANWR for drilling. Kish responded by attacking the entire state of Connecticut saying:
"Connecticut should have its statehood taken away from it. The foolishness of its pampered residents should be demonstrated to others by a government program to bulldoze the entire state, salt the land and construct a windfarm to supply NYC with electricity. And its residents should be relocated to Guantanamo Bay where they can take a number behind the 3 who hung themselves this weekend, since they seem so intent on suicide."
Pretty classy guy, huh?

While in no way will I say that Kish's comments are demonstrative of Nancy Johnson's view of our state, I do think it is reflective of how the GOP as a whole views the Northeast. The base of their party promotes a radical right-wing agenda that originates primarily from the South. They are not only out of touch with Connecticut and the Northeast, but view the region with complete disdain, as evidenced by Kish's vile rant. These are the people Nancy Johnson aligns herself with in Washington.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

NRCC Chair Calls Johnson Vulnerable

So how do you know when you are in serious trouble of losing your seat in Congress? When the National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman, whose job it is to spin things in your favor, states publicly that you are one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the entire country. That's exactly what happened this week, as the NRCC chairman, Tom Reynolds, provided a list of the fourteen most endangered Republicans in an article appearing in Roll Call. At the top of the list was none other than Nancy Johnson. Reynolds went on to say that Johnson faced a "tough environment" and that "it certainly isn't going to be pretty." Not exactly a strong endorsement of Nancy Johnson.

While Nancy Johnson has tried to convince all her friends that she's in no danger of losing her seat, it's clear that nobody is buying it. How bad must things be for your campaign if your party's national spokesman publicly acknowledges that you have a high chance of losing? Despite her public denials, it's very clear from the campaign that she's running that Nancy Johnson is quite scared of the challenge Chris Murphy poses. That's why she's already attacking him on TV in an attempted smear campaign. Johnson's nasty campaign will no doubt continue through November as she bombards the airwaves with attack ads. With each attack ad, however, it becomes that much clearer to all voters how Nancy Johnson is nothing more than an out of touch twenty-four year Washington incumbent more concerned about holding onto power than helping the people of this state.