Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wined and Dined

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released this new ad attacking Nancy Johnson for the billions of dollars she's given away to her special interest friends. Whether it be the oil companies, drug companies, or another special interest group, Nancy Johnson knows who to look out for in Washington. I guess she's just returning the favor for all the dinners, trips, and campaign contributions she has received from lobbyists. Nancy Johnson certainly enjoys getting wined and dined...The only problem is that we're getting stuck with the bill.


Blogger Fuzzy Turtle said...

what's this about the old pit bull having a debate with Murphy on Saturday? Any specifics? Is it going to be broadcasted (hopefully) or televised (better.. HELLO TIVO!)???

any news?

tia and keep up the good work! She makes my skin crawl...!!

7:28 PM  

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