Thursday, October 12, 2006

Update: The Truth Hurts

From the Hartford Courant:

After months of relentlessly broadcasting negative ads, U.S. Rep. Nancy L. Johnson, R-5th District, has had it with negativity - her opponent's, that is.

At a Capitol news conference Wednesday, an irate Johnson, who is running for a 13th term, demanded that Democratic state Sen. Chris Murphy pull a recent TV ad that features a mother whose son was born with a cleft palate and lip. The mother, Erin McCall-Goldie of Burlington, had sought both Johnson's and Murphy's help in passing legislation that would require insurance coverage for reconstructive surgery.

The Murphy ad states that McCall-Goldie contacted Johnson's office repeatedly and received no response. But when McCall-Goldie contacted Chris Murphy, who was chairman of the General Assembly's public health committee, Murphy within six months had won passage of a bill in 2003 requiring insurance coverage for surgery to correct her son's condition.

Among other complaints, Johnson claims that the Murphy ad says that she never called McCall-Goldie back. But Johnson insists that she called McCall-Goldie twice "months before Murphy began running the ad."

"That simply isn't true," McCall-Goldie said Wednesday evening. "The only time I spoke with Johnson was when I hunted her down at the Unionville Fireman's Parade and at Avon Day in Avon. It's ironic that Nancy Johnson now says that Chris Murphy is lying, because she is lying. I'm a constituent who needed her help and she did nothing."


Blogger MikeCT said...

A new Murphy-Johnson poll (click on 5th CD in map) shows Chris Murphy is behind by only 6 points 52-46% among all voters. In the crosstabs, among "certain voters," the race is tied at 49%-49%.

9:17 PM  
Blogger MikeCT said...

As of tomorrow (10/13), the Cook Political Report lists the Murphy Johnson race as a toss-up, along the 2nd and 4th Connecticut districts. This may be the first time it has been listed this way - In yesterday's ratings, it was still listed as Leans Republican. The Washington Post also calls it a toss-up.

Their first debate will be on Saturday at 3 pm at CCSU.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Fuzzy Turtle said...

that ad was brilliant. Cute kid, mother in need, Murphy looking like the big strong protector while Nancy looks like the wicked witch.

Unfortunately most people need a fairy tale setting for an ad to be effective.

Next ad.. Johnson kicking kittens!

I had my mind made up to vote for Murphy a long time ago.

9:48 AM  

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