Monday, October 16, 2006

Update: More Debate Footage

Here's another video from ctblogger featuring some of Saturday's post-debate comments, including an interview with Chris Murphy.


Blogger MikeCT said...

Here's the video of a new Murphy-Johnson debate on NBC 30.

A new poll puts Murphy ahead.

9:53 PM  
Blogger t said...

After seeing the clip on WVIT where Nancy states that she is an independent Republican, and then Chris calls out her votes, I would then point out that EVEN IF the votes that she cast for the energy bill, iraq, et. al were the ONLY ones that she agreed with the president on(which obviouly they're not), then the bottom line is that her poor judgement is the problem. Like Lieberman, it's not necessarily about party affiliation, or how most of her votes skew, but how she voted on critical issues to the voters of this state and this nation...and she failed us.

11:42 PM  

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