Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Sound of Silence

Listen. Do you hear that? Do you know what that sound is?

It's the sound of Nancy Johnson's "strong, independent voice" standing up for what's right. It's the sound of a true independent politician putting aside partisan politics, taking on party leadership, and speaking her conscience. It's the sound of an outraged citizen demanding the resignation of Dennis Hastert and all other officials who did nothing to stop a pedophile despite full knowledge of his actions. It's the sound of integrity.

Wait...You don't hear anything?

Me neither.

For all of Nancy Johnson's talk about her independence, she's been completely silent when it comes to questioning the Republican leadership. As more and more facts come out about the Mark Foley sex scandal, one thing has become quite apparent. The Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, along with other GOP leaders knew many months ago of Foley's inappropriate contact with congressional pages. Instead of doing everything to ensure Foley did not harm any children, however, the GOP leadership remained silent out of fear that reporting Foley could cost them a House seat. Dennis Hastert did not even remove Foley from his position as co-chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children Committee. Instead, Hastert tried to cover everything up and left children in danger.

It's time for Dennis Hastert's resignation. Even the conservative Washington Times thinks so, saying:
Mr. Hastert has forfeited the confidence of the public and his party, and he cannot preside over the necessary coming investigation, an investigation that must examine his own inept performance.
So, if a strong conservative newspaper like the Washington Times is demanding Hastert's resignation then why isn't a supposedly independent Republican congresswoman? Perhaps Hastert bought Johnson's silence with his $5,000 contribution to her campaign? Or maybe it's just that Nancy Johnson isn't the independent voice she claims to be.

For if Nancy Johnson was truly "caring and independent" as her website proudly proclaims, she would stand up for what's right and demand Hastert's immediate resignation. She would use the influence gained from 24 years in Washington to demand action. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised by Johnson's lack of action when it comes to ethical issues. After all, she stonewalled the House Ethics Committee's investigation of Newt Gingrich in 1996.

I guess I'm just naive. I keep waiting for Nancy Johnson to speak up and do the right thing.

But all I hear is silence.


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