Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nancy Johnson: Master Architect

Sunday's Hartford Courant had a great editorial cartoon by Bob Englehart depicting the incompetent nature of Nancy Johnson's Medicare Part D creation. Englehart had this to say about his cartoon:
My editorial cartoons are inspired almost exclusively by published items in The Courant. Editorials, op-eds, news stories, columns, photos and letters to the editor. That's right, I said letters to the editor.

I'm not one of those people who get their news from websites or TV. I get it from sitting down at the dining room table every morning and making notes in a reporter's notebook as I read ink on newsprint.

Letters to the editor are a viable source for me to hear about issues concerning our readers. When I read a letter that mirrors my thinking, it's off to the races.

Today's cartoon was like that, based on a letter to the editor complaining about Nancy Johnson's role in creating this Frankenstein monster of a Medicare prescription drug program for our senior citizens. The Frankenstein monster would've made a good metaphor, but I've used it so often I decided to go for something different. I jumped on the word "architect.

I watched my 86-year-old mother-in-law anguish over the unnecessarily complex choices that were designed to benefit the drug companies, not elderly Americans like her.

Frankly, I believe no congressman or woman who was involved in designing that insanely complex prescription drug program should be returned to Washington, unless they're wearing a warm coat of tar and feathers.


Blogger s p a z e b o y said...

I just posted a new video from a protest/rally/act of civil disobedience at Nancy Johnson's New Britain office.

4:23 PM  
Blogger ctblogger said...

great post!

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Blogger moquiti said...

I really wish you would consider using links instead of republishing editorial cartoon images on your site. You're violating copyright law by doing so.

If you think you're the only web creative working hand to mouth, well I've got news for you. Each year, about a half-dozen top-notch American editorial cartoonists (and top editorial writers) lose their staff jobs at newspapers because of the crappy media consolidation and profit-taking by Wall Street. These cartoonists make their living off their art.

Amateurs such as yourself (with all due respect) are mistakenly under the impression that they can "borrow" the images (and illegally store copies of them on their servers) for enhancing their own site, or for showing how politically hip they are, or for the love of cartooning, or for whatever reason.

They think they are doing no harm, even going so far as to imply they're doing us a favor by "distributing" our work to a larger audience.

This is B.S.

Using our work without permission is theft, plain and simple.

If you appreciate our sweat and blood, then do the right thing and link to the cartoons at a site that sponsors them, like a news site, or the cartoonist's own site, or our organization's site, You'd be doing us a favor. You'd be doing our craft a favor. And you'd be doing it the "respectful" way.

1:52 AM  

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