Monday, October 09, 2006

Mumblin, Bumblin, Stumblin...

CBS Evening News did a profile of the fifth district race. Watch the story here to see how Nancy Johnson stumbles through the interview.

My favorite part is when Johnson is asked if she has actually challenged the president on any of his policy in Iraq.

Her response: "Oh they don't report what individual congressmen say."

That's it Nancy...When you can't think of any times that you've opposed George Bush's policy just blame the media! I'm pretty sure that C-SPAN has 24 hour coverage of all House proceedings though, and I can't recall ever seeing you question the Bush administration's failures in Iraq. Maybe I just missed it though...

Johnson also went on to say that it wasn't clear to her that Dennis Hastert had made a mistake in his handling of the Mark Foley sex scandal.

It's not clear that Dennis Hastert made a mistake!? Are you kidding me? He knew of Foley's relationship with an underage page for many months and did nothing! It was at the very least a huge mistake, if not an intentional coverup. What exactly constitutes Nancy Johnson's definition of a mistake? She seems to live in a world of infallibility, unable to find any fault in the countless screwups of George Bush, Dennis Hastert, and the Republican Congress.

It's really kind of sad how out of touch Nancy Johnson has become from her 24 years in Washington.


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