Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Drug Companies' Best Friend

Watch this new Chris Murphy ad and see just how much money Nancy Johnson has taken from the drug industry.

With money like that, it's no wonder that Nancy Johnson forbid the government from negotiating lower prescription drug prices for seniors in the Medicare Part D legislation that she wrote. Nancy knows who's paying the bills. She sold her vote to the drug companies and turned her back on our nation's seniors in the process.

Johnson has also insulted the intelligence of her constituents through her phony attempt to pass Medicare legislation that would remove penalties for seniors who missed the program's enrollment deadline. The Danbury News Times has the story:
As the clock ticks toward Election Day, Democrat Chris Murphy criticized U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson, R-5th Dist., for letting the clock run out on Medicare legislation she sponsored.

Murphy, a state senator from Cheshire challenging Johnson, held a press conference at Danbury Democratic Headquarters on Main Street. He questioned Johnson's intentions in not bringing the bill up for a vote before Congress adjourned for the campaign season.

The bill would have eliminated penalties against seniors who missed an enrollment deadline for the new Medicare prescription drug plan. Though Johnson is the chairwoman of a health subcommittee, she never pushed for a vote, Murphy said.

"This was either an intentional bait and switch or shows an inability to lead her committee," said Murphy.

Under the penalty, seniors who missed the May 15 deadline face a minimum 6 percent increase in their premiums, Murphy said.

The House Ways and Means committee and the Health Subcommittee met a total of 12 times, Murphy said, and neither took action on the bill.

Murphy says he wants to remove influence from Washington

"Did Nancy Johnson really think no one would notice that after the press-conference lights were turned off, she buried her own bill?" Murphy said. "As one of the highest ranking members of the Ways and Means Committee, she could have forced a hearing on the bill at any time."


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