Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Do Nothing Nancy Ignores Family In Need

Have you seen this powerful new ad?

Is there any more damning evidence of a do nothing congresswoman than that? A desperate mother calls Nancy Johnson to ask for help in obtaining the necessary procedure for her son, and she doesn't even return a phone call. She completely ignored the needs of a constituent. Johnson was probably too busy meeting with her lobbyist friends though.

Chris Murphy, on the other hand, listened to the pleas of this family and passed legislation that mandated the necessary surgical procedure be covered by insurance. While Nancy Johnson was too busy to even return a phone call, Chris Murphy not only listened but fought to change the law. The difference between Murphy and Johnson could not be any clearer. We can keep Nancy Johnson in Washington and hope that she will find the time of day to return a phone call, or we can elect Chris Murphy, who will bring new energy to Washington and actually work to get things done.

This ad is extremely compelling and could be the knockout punch to Johnson. You can tell how scared she is by her reaction. Johnson immediately held a press conference attacking both the mother in the ad and Chris Murphy. A reporter covering the story said Johnson was, "visibly upset."

Sorry Nancy but when it comes to believing what you say in the middle of your reelection campaign or a mother who has nothing to gain politically from her story, I'll believe the mother.

Erin McCall-Goldie refused to back down to Johnson's attacks saying:
Nancy Johnson doesn't understand why I am an advocate for children with craniofacial conditions because she never called me back to discuss the needs of my family and the thousands of families like mine across this State. I have been working to get Mrs. Johnson involved in this issue because as my Representative in Congress, I thought she would be interested and willing to help. She was not.

It has been my personal experience that Chris Murphy fights for real people who need his help. He made a real difference for kids like Connor, and that'’s why I am supporting him. It'’s that simple.

I am also puzzled as to why Mrs. Johnson would excuse her failure to sign on to federal legislation that would help kids like Connor by saying that the bills that are currently pending do not have a large number of co-sponsors. Why is it that Mrs. Johnson believes she should not support a bill until her friends support it? I want a representative who will be a leader, not a follower, on issues that affect my family.


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