Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Murphy Ad

Today Chris Murphy released this new television ad that sets the record straight regarding Nancy Johnson's outrageous ads and her complete support for the failures in Iraq. The ad cites the National Intelligence Estimate, which was released yesterday and states that U.S. involvement in Iraq has made our country less safe. Did you hear that Nancy? Your rubber stamping of the Bush administration's reckless and incompetent policy in Iraq has resulted in an increase in terrorism.

Johnson must have already known that, however, as she was so scared of the public seeing the NIE's findings that she voted against debating it in the House on Tuesday. Seems like Nancy's got something to hide.

Chris Murphy commented on the NIE's findings and Johnson's attempted block of the information saying:
When Nancy Johnson had the opportunity to stand up and discuss this incredibly important national security report with her colleagues, she voted for silence. This report should have been a wake up call to Nancy Johnson. But instead of asking questions, she continues to blindly support the President’s war in Iraq rather than the security of the people of Connecticut. The NIE proves what many Americans have suspected for years: our involvement in Iraq is making us less safe at home. Yet Nancy Johnson doesn’t want to talk about her party’s record on the war in Iraq, as evidenced by her vote just yesterday to deny any debate of the intelligence report. Her unwavering support of President Bush and this mismanaged war shows just how out of touch she is with the people of the Fifth District.
Help keep this ad on air by making a contribution to Chris Murphy! The FEC contribution deadline is this Saturday!


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