Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Murphy Looks to Knock Johnson Out

Lots of politicians talk about how they go out into the community to listen to the average voters, but for most of them it's just talk. For Chris Murphy, however, going out and listening to the voters of the fifth district has become the central theme of his campaign. Murphy's "41 Towns in 41 Days" door knocking tour has allowed him to spread his message throughout the district by going door to door and listening to the concerns of voters. Now tell me, when was the last time you saw Nancy Johnson in your neighborhood? Murphy's unique campaign style demonstrates the unique type of candidate that he is. Finally, the people of the fifth district will have a representative who listens to their concerns, and not those of lobbyists and special interests.

Murphy's campaign highlighted his unique approach in their latest TV ad:

The media is also taking notice, this story appeared in the Record-Journal:
It’s all about the shoe leather, at least for now. Christopher S. Murphy has launched a ground offensive to take on Nancy L. Johnson’s air war in the fight for the 5th Dis­trict.

“I think we’ll be able to match Nancy Johnson on the airwaves, but we’ll beat her on the ground,” Murphy said last month at a fundraiser. “Most congres­sional campaigns aren’t run with the candidates spending time every day knocking on doors.” Murphy is no stranger to wag­ing a ground war, and he knows its potential to impact a race.

He knocked on every door in Southington’s 81st Assembly Dis­trict twice in 1998, when he de­feated 14-year incumbent Angelo Fusco.

“I started out to do it a third time, and found that I was losing votes,” Murphy said. “People said, ‘Go away and I’ll vote for you.’” Two years before that, Mur­phy had managed Charlotte Koskoff’s campaign against John­son when Koskoff came within 1,600 votes of beating her. Koskoff didn’t air a single TV commercial, but relied on grass­roots organizing and constant campaigning in the district.

Murphy knows he’s an under­dog, and that people have been pulling levers for Johnson for more than two decades, a senti­ment he brings with him when he goes door to door.

“Hi, I’m Chris Murphy, and I’m running against Nancy John­son,” he tells a woman on Higby Drive in Meriden. “It’s nothing personal against Ms. Johnson, but we desperately need change in Washington right now.” “I’m for change,” the woman says, and takes a flier from Mur­phy.

On a 41-day tour to knock on doors in each of the 41 towns in the district, Murphy’s campaign said it picked the Higby Drive area because it is close to the highway.

“I don’t have the millions of bucks that Johnson does, so I’m doing this the old fashioned way,” Murphy tells Shelly Backus of South Meadow Lane.

Backus says she is still deciding which candidate to support, but her husband Randy is favoring Murphy “both because he’s a Democrat, and because I don’t like some of Johnson’s advertising and information.”

Need any more proof of Chris Murphy's door knocking? Well then watch the three latest installments of "41 Towns in 41 Days."

In Southbury:


Falls Village:


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