Friday, September 01, 2006

Lamont Raises Money For Murphy

Democratic Senate candidate Ned Lamont sent out the following email to his supporters today asking them to contribute to Chris Murphy's campaign. It's great to see all of the Democrats working together to ensure that we win across the board in November. Contribute whatever you can to Chris Murphy by clicking on one of the links below or through ActBlue here.
On August 8, Connecticut Democrats voted for change in Washington.

The Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senate carries with it a special responsibility. We are electing a coalition for change, and our organization will work in concert with Connecticut candidates promoting a message of progress at home, and abroad.

In Connecticut ’s 5th Congressional District, Democrat Chris Murphy is running against rubber-stamp Republican Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, who has been part of the problem in Washington for 24 years.

We’ve built a sizable online community over the past six months, and today we are asking you to support our campaign, and our Party, by helping Chris Murphy. Can you make a $20, $50, or $100 contribution to his campaign today?

Republican Nancy Johnson and Lieberman Party candidate Joe Lieberman have a lot in common these days.

They share a “stay the course” message on the war in Iraq . Their support for the Bush/Cheney Energy Policy and campaign contributions from those who profit from high gas prices have Americans paying the price at the pump. And they are both funding massive GOTV operations aimed at driving Republicans to the polls.

But our Democratic coalition for change will prevail because of the strength of our grassroots and netroots support. Can you help send Chris to Congress with Ned Lamont by making a contribution today?

Fifteen seats. That’s all we need to get a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives eager to ask President Bush the tough questions on foreign and domestic policy—one that will serve as a check on the last two years of the Bush-Cheney Administration.

Chris Murphy’s campaign is poised to be one of those fifteen seats that the Democratic Party can pick up this year. He is a rising star, and it will be an honor to work hand in hand with him next year, bringing much needed change to Washington , D.C.

I’m sure Chris never thought he’d have to run against Joe Lieberman’s GOP-GOTV operation. But just like we’ll defeat Senator Lieberman again in November, with your support, we’ll help elect Chris Murphy as well. Can we count on you to help him out with your contribution today?

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