Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Johnson Too Chicken to Debate?

Nancy Johnson continues to feel the heat from Chris Murphy. So much so that she appears to be unwilling to debate Murphy. In a campaign press release, Murphy challenged Johnson to nine issue debates. Murphy originally challenged Johnson to three debates on Iraq, energy policy, and health care. Johnson's campaign co-chair responded to Murphy's proposal by suggesting that the two candidates also debate jobs, the economy, taxes, immigration, education, and the environment, for a total of nine debates. Murphy enthusiastically agreed to the nine debates and sent Johnson a letter with many dates on which he would make himself available to debate. The Murphy campaign has received no response from Nancy Johnson.

So why is Nancy Johnson so reluctant to debate? Maybe it's because she knows she cannot defend her right-wing voting record. Can you imagine Johnson attempting to explain her Medicare Part D creation and how it forbids the federal government from negotiating lower prescription drug costs? Or defending the deciding votes she cast for the 2006 Bush budget and energy plan which cut student aid for the first time in decades and gave away massive tax breaks to oil companies? Nancy Johnson knows she has to hide her record. Why else would she be so reluctant to debate? Her Republican colleague, Chris Shays, has agreed to participate in eleven debates with Diane Farrell. Johnson knows that any debate will allow Chris Murphy to pick apart her indefensible voting record. Nancy Johnson's unwillingness to debate shows once again how out of touch she is with the people of Connecticut.

Chris Murphy summed it up best saying:
The Johnson campaign has been curiously quiet in the past month, not even responding to my request to schedule a series of issue-specific debates. When I am traveling the District, I hear time and again that people do not think that Washington is doing anything to solve the problems they are facing. With only nine weeks until the election, I want to give people in the Fifth District the opportunity to hear from me and from Nancy Johnson where we stand on the issues facing middle class families here in Connecticut. During her month off from work in Washington, I would have thought that Nancy Johnson would have been hearing the same cry for debate that I have been hearing as I go door-to-door and go to community events. With only nine weeks until the election, I will continue to tell voters where I stand on issues important to them. Nancy Johnson appears unwilling to do so.


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