Monday, August 14, 2006

Washington Post: For GOP, Bad Gets Worse In Northeast

Today the Washington Post profiled just how bad things are getting for Republicans in the Northeast. Noting the increasingly Democratic trends of the region, the Post cited several GOP incumbents who are in serious jeopardy of losing in November. Nancy Johnson is one such incumbent deemed at high risk. Northeast races will be critical to Democratic hopes of picking up the fifteen necessary seats to reclaim the House majority. Read the whole story here or check out some excerpts below:

On the GOP's Northeast troubles:
The Iraq war and Bush's low approval ratings have created trouble for Republicans in all regions. But nowhere is the GOP brand more scuffed than in the Northeast, where this year's circumstances are combining with long-term trends to endanger numerous incumbents.

A Washington-Post ABC News poll this month found Bush's approval rating at 28 percent in the Northeast -- 12 points below his national average. The Republican Congress fared no better.

In Connecticut, Republican Reps. Nancy L. Johnson and Christopher Shays -- like Simmons -- are in highly competitive contests.
On permanently turning these seats Democratic:
Republican losses in the region could echo well beyond the 2006 campaign. Because much of the region is tilting Democratic, history suggests Republicans would find it hard to recapture seats once lost.

One reason Republicans understand the risk is that they were beneficiaries of a strikingly similar regional upheaval a decade ago.

Before the 1994 elections, when Republicans won control of the House for the first time in 40 years, Democrats held dozens of Southern districts in which the electorate had been gradually growing more conservative. That year, Republicans picked up 20 of those Southern seats, including several held by Democratic incumbents who -- like Northeast Republicans today -- tried to distance themselves from an unpopular White House and Congress controlled by their party.


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