Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Obama Campaigns for Chris Murphy

Senator Barack Obama, perhaps the most popular Democrat in the country after Bill Clinton, is now actively campaigning for Chris Murphy. In an email to Democratic supporters, Murphy was one of four candidates from across the country that Obama singled out as someone who "will help us get this country back on the right track." To be on the short list of a political rock star like Barack Obama is quite an accomplishment by Murphy. It serves as just another indication of the strong campaign that Chris Murphy is running. Citing Nancy Johnson's "massive war chest funded by drug companies" Senator Obama urged all Democrats to contribute to Chris Murphy's campaign. You can join Barack Obama in supporting Chris Murphy by contributing to his campaign via ActBlue.

Here are excerpts from Obama's letter:
As we race towards Election Day, America stands at a crossroads.

In a century just six years old, our nation has been shaken by war and terror, by disaster and disillusionment, and by the corruption and failure of our government -- the result of George W. Bush's policies and the Republican Congress that has enabled him to push through his divisive agenda.

Americans everywhere are desperate for new leadership and a new direction. This is our moment to lead. This is our moment to put forth an agenda that benefits all Americans.

Today, I want to tell you about four individuals I believe will help us get this country back on the right track. In November we not only have an opportunity to claim a Democratic majority in the House, we have an opportunity to do it on the strength of a new generation of progressive leaders.

Chris Murphy - Connecticut's 5th Congressional District. After Republican Nancy Johnson, author of the misleading Republican Medicare bill, won her 12th term in 2004, many assumed she would have this seat for life. With a massive war chest funded by drug companies, it would take a Democratic candidate of exceptional energy and character to make this seat competitive. We have that candidate in Chris Murphy, who now has a chance to defeat the Republican most responsible for selling out our seniors' health care to the drug companies.

Chris Murphy hit the ground running, taking Nancy Johnson head-on with health care as his signature issue and advocating expansion of coverage, allowing Medicare to bargain for lower prices, and funding innovative approaches in states that can serve as a model for America. Chris has put together one of the most inspiring, energetic and effective campaigns in the country - raising money, earning loyal volunteers dedicated to putting him in Congress, and seizing the momentum. Now Nancy Johnson is one of the most endangered Republican incumbents. With Chris's determination, I know we count on him to win and take on the biggest problems facing America today.

This next generation of Democrats will be the generation that leads - and wins - the fight for affordable, accessible health care for all Americans; for an energy independent America; for open, honest government; and for a smart, tough foreign policy that restores American moral leadership in the world.

Please support this new generation of House leaders with a contribution today. It is critical that we end this disastrous one-party Republican rule and send America in a new direction.


Barack Obama
United States Senator

Contribute to Chris Murphy here!


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