Tuesday, August 01, 2006

NRCC Chair Calls Johnson Vulnerable

So how do you know when you are in serious trouble of losing your seat in Congress? When the National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman, whose job it is to spin things in your favor, states publicly that you are one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the entire country. That's exactly what happened this week, as the NRCC chairman, Tom Reynolds, provided a list of the fourteen most endangered Republicans in an article appearing in Roll Call. At the top of the list was none other than Nancy Johnson. Reynolds went on to say that Johnson faced a "tough environment" and that "it certainly isn't going to be pretty." Not exactly a strong endorsement of Nancy Johnson.

While Nancy Johnson has tried to convince all her friends that she's in no danger of losing her seat, it's clear that nobody is buying it. How bad must things be for your campaign if your party's national spokesman publicly acknowledges that you have a high chance of losing? Despite her public denials, it's very clear from the campaign that she's running that Nancy Johnson is quite scared of the challenge Chris Murphy poses. That's why she's already attacking him on TV in an attempted smear campaign. Johnson's nasty campaign will no doubt continue through November as she bombards the airwaves with attack ads. With each attack ad, however, it becomes that much clearer to all voters how Nancy Johnson is nothing more than an out of touch twenty-four year Washington incumbent more concerned about holding onto power than helping the people of this state.


Blogger Robert said...

This is great news.

Love your blog. Love knowing that Nancy is vulnerable. I missed this story and am grateful you posted it here.

9:56 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

If Nancy defeated a fellow sitting Congressman whose district was as much in the new 5th as hers was than what are the odds some nobody is going to pick her off now?

The targeted seats are seemingly based on voter registration in the district (D's vs. R's) and not actual chance of an upset.

9:13 PM  
Blogger CT Progressive said...

It's true that Nancy has been able to handle challengers in the past. However, there seems to be a very toxic atmosphere this year for incumbents...particularly Republican incumbents. People are angry with the way things are going. The last time Nancy faced an environment like this was in 1996 with the anti-Gingrich sentiments. She barely squeaked out a win that year by only 1500 votes. Chris Murphy was Koskoff's campaign manager that year and came that close to knocking Johnson off despite having virtually no campaign money and not being able to put up a single TV ad. Murphy knows how to run a campaign, and this year he has the money to do it. It will be a hotly contested race, but my personal feelings are that the toxic atmosphere for the Republicans will lead to Nancy's undoing.

12:10 PM  

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