Wednesday, August 16, 2006

National Eyes on the Fifth District

Chris Murphy's bid to unseat Nancy Johnson received even more publicity today, from both the Washington Post and National Journal. The Post's political blog, The Fix, noted the growing Democratic wave sweeping the country and cited the research of Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg. The fifth district race between Murphy and Johnson was singled out as pivotal:
For those looking for signs that we may be in for a cataclysmic election, watch developments in districts like Connecticut's 5th, Indiana's 2nd, Ohio's 1st, Pennsylvania's 8th, and even Illinois' 10th. If those races start to narrow considerably or the Republican incumbents looks to be scrambling, get out your foul weather gear -- a wave is coming.
Based on Nancy's desperate attack ads already on air, I think it's fair to say she's might want to grab an umbrella.

The National Journal also took notice of Murphy's campaign, by bumping the race up five spots in its latest House rankings. Connecticut's Fifth is now featured in the Journal's top 30 House races, moving up to 29 from a previous ranking of 34.

It seems that each day there's more good news for Murphy's campaign to report. Virtually every national pundit now recognizes Nancy Johnson as extremely vulnerable and views a Murphy win as critical to a Democratic majority. It seems more likely everyday that after 24 long years, Connecticut will finally rid itself of Nancy Johnson.


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