Friday, August 11, 2006

Nancy Johnson's Tasteless New Ad

Well I didn't think it was possible, but Nancy Johnson has reached a new low. In her new TV ad, Johnson attempts to use the tragic events of September 11th for her own political advantage. The commercial features a woman who lost her son on 9/11 explaining how Nancy Johnson was there for her and "really cares." The most despicable part of the ad, however, comes when Johnson recreates the memorial service in order to show herself comforting the grieving woman. How morbid is that?

Make no mistake, my heart goes out to anyone who lost loved ones on 9/11. But Nancy Johnson taking advantage of someone else's loss for political purposes is the worst form of exploitation and pandering. How does Nancy Johnson's conscience allow her to ask a grieving mother to recreate her son's memorial service so that it may be used for a television commercial? Have twenty-four years in Washington made Nancy Johnson so out of touch that nothing is sacred to her? This ad is truly one of the most disgusting instances of political exploitation I can ever recall. Call Nancy Johnson at (860) 225-2107 and demand that she take this ad down immediately!


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