Thursday, August 17, 2006

Grassroots Power

In yet another example of the unique campaign he is running, today Chris Murphy announced his plan to knock on doors in all of the fifth district's 41 towns in the next 41 days. Murphy is using the power of a grassroots campaign to get out and speak with all the voters of the district. He is, after all, no stranger to grassroots campaigning. When first elected to the state legislature in 1998, Murphy defeated a fourteen year incumbent by knocking on every door in the district and outworking his opponent. His energetic style of campaigning clearly resonates with voters. Murphy's active campaigning throughout the district also stands in clear contrast to Nancy Johnson who seems to be AWOL and completely out of touch with Connecticut. Murphy had this to say in a press release issued by his campaign:

While Nancy Johnson hides from her constituents this summer, I will be knocking on doors in every town in the Fifth over the course of the next 41 days to listen to people and talk to them about how we can change Washington. When I won elections against veteran incumbents in the state legislature, I knocked on every door in the district I was competing to represent. When I began this Congressional campaign, people told me I couldn’t knock on every door in the Fifth District. Maybe they’re right, but I’ll collapse trying.

It is so refreshing to see a candidate actually going out and listening to the concerns of voters throughout the district. Nancy Johnson has been down in Washington so long that she wouldn't be able to find her way around the fifth district if you gave her a roadmap. Chris Murphy, on the other hand, is harnessing the power of grassroots campaigning and actively seeking out voters throughout the entire district.


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