Thursday, July 27, 2006

Murphy Releases First TV Ad

Well I must have psychic powers...Yesterday I posted about Nancy Johnson's attack ad on Chris Murphy, complaining about how sick I am of attack ads and how it would be nice to see politicians run on their own positive message rather than smear their opponent. So what did I see when I went home and turned on the TV? The TV ad debut from the Murphy campaign, which actually offered a positive message rather than the same old tired attack ads. I tell you, I really like how this Chris Murphy guy thinks!

In the ad, (which I'll post as soon as it's available) Murphy turns off a TV playing Johnson's attack ad and then says how he's going to run a positive campaign by getting out and actually listening to the voters' concerns. Murphy ends the ad by telling the viewer that they'll be hearing more from him, but until then they should hang on to their remote to tune out Nancy's smear campaign. It was quite refreshing to see a candidate who after being attacked by his opponent chose to respond in a postive way and let the voters know that his campaign will be different from the usual ones we have come to expect. Most campaigns choose to respond to an attack ad by going negative themselves, but the Murphy campaign is showing that they really are different.

(Shameless solicitation alert):
We've got to keep the momentum that Chris Murphy has built going. As I said before, I have set up an ActBlue account for this blog that allows you to contribute directly to the Murphy campaign. Let's make sure that Murphy has the money needed to keep his positive message up on air and not allow Nancy Johnson's attacks to go unanswered. Contribute here!


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