Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Doing the Bare Minimum on Minimum Wage

If the House Republicans' refusal to increase the minimum wage wasn't bad enough, their actions Wednesday added insult to injury. In a purely symbolic and utterly disingenuous act, GOP leadership paid lip service to the issue. In passing a non-binding "motion to instruct" procedure, Republicans attempted to quiet the public outcry over the issue while doing nothing to actually help American workers. Nancy Johnson was one of the Republicans who quickly signed on to the meaningless motion in another attempt to play up her "moderate" image. Johnson's political manuvers are insulting to the intelligence of the people of Connecticut.

Minimum wage has not been increased in nearly ten years and currently stands at $5.15 an hour. Since its last increase, Congress has voted to increase its own pay more than $31,000 to a current level of $165,200 a year. That's about to go up again though, as Congress is set to up its own pay $3,300 this year. So while its too much to ask for the nation's poorest workers to receive a mere $7.25 an hour, Congress doesn't hesitate to give itself an extra $3,300.

Throughout the minimum wage debate, Nancy Johnson has remained remarkably silent. She has done nothing to pass a bill of any substance, and seems perfectly content to resign herself to political posturing. While Johnson is quick to laud her twenty-four years of experience and the clout that she claims will land her the Ways & Means chairmanship, she shows no willingness to use any of this supposed pull to positively influence legislation. Johnson is more concerned about her own political aspirations in Washington than the lives of those struggling to make ends meet. Nancy Johnson's silence on a minimum wage increase once again exhibits how out of touch she is with the people of Connecticut.


Blogger LagunaBeach4Ever said...

I'm so happy to see there's finally a place to reveal the truth about Nancy. She's totally lost her respectability, and I've really had enough. I think the whole state has. Her "moderate" coverup is finally being stripped down, and it's time for her to hit the road. Props on the blog!

12:49 AM  
Blogger LeftHottie said...

I saw a link to this on another blog, and I just wanted to say you've got a cool thing going here. I enjoyed this first post, please keep up the good work!

10:45 AM  

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