Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Book on Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson continues to come under heavy criticism for her vote this week to strip the Voting Rights Act. Johnson, the only member of the entire Connecticut delegation to support the measure, continued to show how out of touch she is in her response to the public outcry, telling the Hartford Courant:
"I've never had a minority person say, `I can't read Nancy Johnson.'"
Actually, Nancy might be right. While I can't speak for Connecticut's "minority persons," national interest groups certainly seem to have a good read on Nancy Johnson. In their most recent legislative report cards, Johnson received the following grades:
NAACP: 39%

League of United Latin American Citizens: 35%

Arab American Institute: 33%

National Council of La Raza: 50%

(Source: Project Vote Smart)
When it comes to voting on issues important to minorities, failing grades have been the norm for Nancy Johnson. So yes, Nancy, you're right; I'm sure whenever a "minority person" reads your name they know exactly what it means.


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