Sunday, July 23, 2006

Action Alert!

Nancy Johnson will be interviewed on Connecticut Public Radio Monday morning from 9-10. We need people to call in and ask the tough questions that Nancy won't want to answer. This is a great chance to confront Nancy about her record and the awful decisions she has made in Washington. There's just so many topics to choose from: healthcare and the Medicare Part D disaster, the war in Iraq, her vote to strip the Voting Rights Act, her political posturing on the minimum wage increase....I could go on and on. You can call in at (860) 275-7266, or email questions in advance to If you don't have access to a radio you can listen to the broadcast online here. Please be sure to call in and give Nancy a piece of your mind!


Blogger travis said...

Thanks for letting us know about it. She quite the slippery type. Did you catch her answer about "minority languages"? What does that mean? Even after an hour interview I still can't figure her out. It was, however, the first time I've heard her say the word "Iraq" although that was about all she said on the war.


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